The Use of Drones for Flood Mapping

Hydro-GIS Ltd worked together with researchers from the Open University in a pilot study to test using a drone for mapping flood extents. The approach has a number of potential applications such as demonstrating flood extents in areas where EA flood maps are inaccurate, which is particularly common for small streams, and to assist insurance…
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UCL Dissertations

Through his role at UCL Dr Harvey Rodda has been supervising four MSc dissertations on storm surges along the English Channel coast, the risk of dam breach flooding in the PeaK District National Park, flash flood risk in Chile, and the relationship between drought periods in Southern Spain and the North Atlantic Oscillation.

Flooding and Insurance in the UK

The recent implementation of Flood Re to guarantee flood cover for households in the UK has led to an increased interest in the flood risk to insurance company portfolios. Hydro-GIS Ltd were engaged by Axa Art to undertake hydrological field surveys to provide a detailed assessment of the flood risk at six sites which had…
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New hydrology textbook

Dr Harvey Rodda has recently co-authored a hydrology textbook with Dr Max Little from the Department of Engineering and Applied Science, Aston University. The aim is to provide assistance to hydrology students and practitioners with some of the more complicated mathematical aspects of the subject. The book is available as an e-book as well as…
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Rose Wood

It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Dr Rose Wood, our principal oceanographer from 2005 – 2014. Rose started at Hydro-GIS Ltd to lead the development of a coastal flood catastrophe model for Norway and then continued working on a large number of projects including further coastal work on the…
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New publication

A new book by Wiley Blackwell, entitled Progress in Modern Hydrology:Past, Present and Future has been co-edited by  John C Rodda and Mark Robinson. The volume marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the NERC and represents a wide range of hydrological research undertaken by past and present researchers at Wallingford.

Martinstown storm event reconstruction

60 years ago the record 24 hour UK rainfall was recorded at Martinstown. Hydro-GIS Ltd has produced a report on the event including estimates of flood damage should the event occur again with current landcover. The Martinstown Storm of 18th July 1955

UK Historical Extreme Rainfall Archive now available

The British Rainfall Digital Archive GIS link is available to purchase from Hydro-GIS Ltd. This is an ArcGIS interface to enable a spatial search of the archive for the Thames basin and to gain easy access to over 28,000 extreme rainfall measurements, 1000 pages of text including eye-witness accounts and over 250 rainfall maps. Licencing…
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Groundwater flooding

Following the record rainfall over December 2013-February 2014, Hydro-GIS Ltd is involved in groundwater flooding projects looking at designing flood alleviation schemes, undertaking flood risk assessments for insurance claims and expert witness work for legal cases. In addition Dr Harvey Rodda is supervising an MSc dissertation at UCL  looking at developing groundwater flood risk maps for Hampshire.

UCL students on field trip

Hydro-GIS Ltd hosted UCL students during a hydrology field trip to Pangbourne in Berkshire (image). The trip focussed around a flood risk assessment exercise for a proposed hotel development in Pangbourne village centre, close to the River Pang and River Thames.