Hydrological Consultancy for a proposed housing development

Case Study: Hydrological Consultancy

Client: Burghfield Community Group, Berkshire

Objective: Burghfield community group was set up to provide opposition to a proposed housing development at Theale lake in Berkshire, UK. Hydro-GIS were engaged as consultants on the project to evaluate and contest the decision taken by the Environment Agency to approve the development.

Outcomes: The finished floor levels of many houses in the proposed development were found to be as much as 0.5m below the EA’s own predicted flood levels. This was a scenario in complete contrast to the EA’s normal position where new developments should be at least 0.3m above the predicted flood level.

Ultimately, in response to the challenge from Hydro-GIS, the EA changed their decision and rejected the housing development. 

Burghfield community group
Burghfield Main Lake

We all feel that without pressure from Harvey at Hydro-GIS the process would have been in jeopardy. We thought he managed to really make the EA sit up and listen.

Thomas Wright, Burghfield Community Group