Specialist consultancy services for hydrology and flood risk

Our strategic support and guidance enables clients to quantify environmental impacts and to identify and prioritise actions


Involved in projects worldwide for the last two decades, our expertise makes us ideally placed to undertake flood cat model reviews.


The application of Geographical Information Systems is one of our core capabilities and we provide specialist consultancy in this area.


Our field based surveys provide a full and detailed assessment of flood risk, for both domestic and commercial properties.

Based in the UK, our clients have valued our independent approach on an extensive range of projects worldwide since 2004

Hydro-GIS use the latest hydrological modelling techniques to inform our analytical studies and design recommendations.


We work with many business sectors including insurance, development and energy, reviewing sites in sensitive hydrological settings. 


We also support community and individual projects.
We simplify the jargon and present information in an understandable way.


We advise property owners on flood alleviation measures and legal matters relating to flooding, and can act as an expert witness in Public Inquiries.

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Hydro-GIS has a variety of data available for use in flood related work

which includes the British Rainfall Digital Archive and Historical Flood Databases for Europe. See our full range of datasets available to purchase at Oasis Hub.


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