Sharing learning to better understand our planet at the EGU General Assembly

Hydro-GIS are delighted to be attending this year’s EGU General Assembly in Vienna, Austria.

Bringing together geoscientists from all over the world, the EGU General Assembly covers all disciplines of the Earth, planetary, and space sciences, and provides a forum where scientists can present their work and discuss their ideas with experts in all fields of geoscience.

Hydrology Expertise

Artemis Venardos, Natural Hazards and GIS Analyst at Hydro-GIS will be delivering a presentation on “Windstorm-Flood Correlation in the United Kingdom”. Approximately 70% of precipitation extremes in the UK occur alongside cyclones, indicating that strong winds and heavy rainfall can occur simultaneously during the same weather systems. In her presentation, Artemis will be highlighting how crucial it is that the likelihood of these hazards occurring simultaneously, and their cumulative effects, are considered and accurately assessed by Insurers’ European catastrophe models and in risk management analyses. An underestimation of correlation risk in an insurer’s model can unarguably lead to a decline in financial protection.

Existing studies have predominantly focused on the correlation between either windstorms and precipitation, or river flow across different temporal scales, such as daily, seasonal, and long return periods. However, the question of whether historical windstorm events correlate with precipitation extremes has yet to be addressed.

Acknowledging this knowledge gap, Artemis has followed an event–based approach to study UK windstorm events of the past 42 years, to identify if they correlate with precipitation extremes, while also investigating whether lower or higher severity storms lead to prolonged, heavy precipitation events. Both storm and precipitation severity were calculated to determine the correlation between the two.

Left image depicts the wind footprint, and the right image shows the footprint of maximum daily precipitation >q99, from The Great Storm of 1987, on 16th October.

The EGU General Assembly 2024 takes place in Vienna, Austria & Online from the 14–19 April. Hydro-GIS are thrilled to be participating in Europe’s largest Geoscience conference and look forward to learning about the latest research and developments in a range of fields such as planetary exploration, Earth observation, polar science, climate change, pollution and natural hazards.