Hydrological Surveys

Our site-specific risk assessments help insurers to reduce premiums or secure cover. 

Hydro-GIS undertake site-specific flood surveys in the UK and internationally for insuring, buying or selling a property, obtaining a mortgage, or for advice on property resilience measures and flood alleviation. 

If a site has been identified as being at high risk of flooding, or a property has been flooded before, insurance cover can be expensive. Our hydrological surveys provide an accurate flood risk assessment, giving you detailed evidence of flooding history and potential flooding sources, that you can provide to an insurer to help reduce your insurance premium or secure cover for the property.  

A Flood Risk Assessment report will include: 

  • An evaluation of the likelihood, extent and impacts of flooding to the site and the surrounding area from river, tidal, surface, groundwater and infrastructure failure 
  • Analysis of past flood events and their likely mechanism 
  • Surveying ground levels around the site and identifying points of potential water ingress 
  • Recommendations for flood resilience and mitigation measures, if required.

Maps of flood risk provided by data companies, and also the Environment Agency, can be highly inaccurate at an individual property scale. There is no substitute for a site-specific, field-work based survey to provide a full assessment of flood risk.  

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