Chapter Authors Required

The impact of climate change on global flood risk

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing

Editors: Dr Harvey J. E. Rodda and Paul Sayers

Series Editor: Prof W. McGuire

We are seeking Chapter Authors for a new book, ‘The impact of climate change on global flood risk’.

Contributions are requested by January 2021

This will be part of a series of review volumes looking at the impact of climate change on natural hazards intended for undergraduates, post-graduates and researchers.

The book length will be approximately 300 pages, each chapter being a specific case study with the aim of including a wide range of studies to give a global coverage. Chapters will be typically 10-15 pages and are being requested to cover the following aspects of climate change and flooding:

  • Evidence of climate change in recent flood events
  • Coastal Flooding
  • River Flooding
  • Surface Water Flooding
  • Ground Water Flooding

Climate change impacts 1. Temperature

  • Impacts of increased temperature on sea level rise
  • Impacts of increased temperature on rainfall

Climate change impacts 2. Increased storminess and extreme events

  • Changes in global circulations
  • Trends of historical events

Climate Change impacts 3. Feedback mechanisms and indirect effects

  • Vegetation and land use change
  • Soil erosion and sediment transport
  • Population change and urban growth

Adaption Strategies

  • Flood alleviation measures
  • Social and behavioural change

Incorporating flood risk in national and local planning strategies

  • Flood risk assessments
  • The adaption of blue/green infrastructure
  • Seeing water as a benefit

If you would be interested in providing a contribution please contact Dr Harvey Rodda by email or completing the form below, before January 2021.