Supporting a greener future for the planet

In December 2022, Hydro-GIS sponsored an aspiring environmentalist to attend the Green Summit in Thailand.

Zoe Bowman is a 2nd Year Geography Student at University of Nottingham. She believes that governments, large companies and stakeholders that hold the power to really change the future of our planet simply aren’t doing enough, and that education is going to be the key to the climate emergency. Being able to shape younger generations to put the climate crisis at the forefront of their minds will have huge impacts when they are then in charge of large-scale institutions. 

The Green Summit is an annual event which aims to give young people the tools and knowledge to succeed as champions for a greener world. Hearing from world-leading experts in sustainable development, and participating in green workshops, delegates learn how to create their own sustainable projects, network with like-minded individuals from all over the world, and leave the summit empowered to take action and to instigate change. Hydro-GIS were pleased to support Zoe with this opportunity to collaborate with delegates from 31 different nations and explore sustainability issues.

Click the link below to view an interactive story map of Zoe’s report on the summit.