Hydro-GIS announce partnership with dClimate

Hydro-GIS Ltd are pleased to announce a partnership with dClimate, a leading decentralised climate information ecosystem, to create a repository of detailed historical flood and rainfall data for the UK and many parts of Europe.

Historical Flood and Rainfall Datasets

Hydro-GIS and dClimate’s partnership around historical flood and rainfall data is crucial as flood and rainfall data needs continue to grow. With the extreme climate events happening more frequently, such as the recent floods in Italy, having access to granular historical flood and rainfall data is important for researchers and corporations to forecast and analyse weather trends.


Through this partnership, Hydro-GIS will make available: extreme rainfall data from the British Rainfall Digital Archive including rainfall depth measurements from 1866-1968, written chronicles documenting the extreme rainfall and ensuing flooding rainfall maps, and photographs of flooding and damage.

Additionally, Hydro-GIS will provide historical flood databases (and historical flood footprints for some countries mentioned) for the UK, Norway, Sweden, Middle Danube, Oder and Wisla, and Lower Danube. With this wide array of data, users will have historical flood and rainfall information enabling better understanding of events historically and use this data to make more informed flood-related decisions. 

Valuable Climate Data for Physical Climate Risk Assessment and Insurance Solutions

“We are excited to add institutional-grade flood and rainfall information to our open and decentralized climate data marketplace,” said Osho Jha, co-founder and CEO of dClimate. “The datasets of Hydro-GIS are invaluable for data-driven applications such as physical climate risk assessment solutions. Heavy rainfall can lead to floods, which commonly have severe and long-term impacts on local communities, businesses, and physical infrastructure. Having access to high-quality historical datasets enables data scientists to build predictive models that can save lives and prevent economic losses.”

“The British Rainfall Digital Archive is the most comprehensive historical extreme rainfall dataset for the British Isles and has a wide range of applications in flood risk management, emergency planning, climate change studies, and flood catastrophe modelling,” said Dr Harvey Rodda, Hydro-GIS Ltd Company Director. 

Over 800 years of Flood Events in Europe

Hydro-GIS Ltd have documented records for more than 1,000 river and coastal flood events across Europe dating back to the year 1190. Covering the countries of Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine and the UK, this historical flood data offers valuable insights into the past, which can inform present and future decision-making processes for the insurance sector and companies involved with catastrophe modelling.

A more accurate representation of historical flood events is crucial for enhancing future flood management strategies, which can help mitigate the impacts of flooding on human lives, infrastructure, and the environment.

dClimate’s Growing Data Ecosystem

Hydro-GIS joins dClimate’s growing ecosystem of data providers, with a wide range of data from emissions, renewables, soil, earthquake, temperature, flood among many other types of climate data available. Find out more at https://blog.dclimate.net/tag/climate-data/