Flood Surveys during Covid-19

Despite the current situation, we are undertaking flood surveys to assist with the purchase and  insurance of properties or the assessment of possible flood mitigation measures.

These surveys are significantly more detailed than any simple “off the shelf” flood risk surveys offered by environmental search companies. They include a detailed review of published information from sources such as the Environmental Agency, British Geological Survey, National River Flow Archive and make use of the British Hydrological Society database and the British Rainfall Digital Archive.

The survey then includes a visit to the property with an assessment of the potential points of water ingress and measuring ground levels, floor levels and sill levels relative to Ordnance Datum. 

The study is documented in a report including recommendations in relation to the insurance, flood warning and mitigation measures which could be undertaken.

The cost is variable depending on the size of the property but starts from £750 + VAT . We do not need any personal contact to undertake these surveys and will ensure strict hygiene measures are adhered to when working at a property.