Research and Academic Links

students at Pangbourne

Hydro-GIS Ltd has a number of links with universities and research institutes world-wide. Since 2005 Dr Harvey Rodda has been a visiting senior lecturer in the Department of Earth Science, University College London and an Associate of the UCL Hazard Research Centre, giving a module on the flood hazard as part of the MSc in Geophysical Hazards and Certificate in Natural Hazards for Insurance courses. He has also lectured at the University of the West of England giving a foundation course in hydrology to local authority and Environment Agency staff.


Through the extreme rainfall research project Hydro-GIS Ltd has maintained its links with Oxford University Department of Engineering Sciences, Dr Harvey Rodda has also co-authored a textbook with Prof Max Little from the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Aston University entitled Understanding Mathematical and Statistical Techniques in Hydrology: An Examples Based Approach. published in 2016.

Hydro-GIS Ltd has also worked on research projects with the Open University, investigating the use of drones for mapping flood extents and with Rothampstead Research North Wyke to test methods of estimating greenfield surface runoff at the plot scale.

In terms of international links Hydro-GIS has strong links with the Department of Hydrology, University of Freiburg, Germany and has provided work experience for many students from this course, and we are always happy to take on further students from this course for work experience. Our current GIS technician, Laura Vecera has recently completed this course. Dr Harvey Rodda has also presented for hydrology courses at the San Diego State University Department of Geography and at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.