Local Flood Studies

2016-07-08 020

Hydro-GIS Ltd has been involved in a range of local flood studies in the UK including. In terms of assisting architects and planners we have expertise undertaking strategic flood risk assessments for local authorities, undertaking site specific flood risk assessments for developers, the design of sustainable drainage systems and producing surface water management plans and providing the necessary surface water requirements for the code for sustainable homes. We undertake work using the latest flood estimation techniques including the application of the Flood Estimation Handbook and the Revitalised Flood Hydrograph software for estimating flows from small development areas. For strategic flood risk assessments we provide GIS based risk mapping to provide a risk score for potential development sites within a parish boundary.

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We also provide consultancy to local groups and parish councils in relation to planning applications. The flood risk associated with many large-scale developments such housing estates on greenfield land is largely ignored or covered in inadequate detail. Part of the problem is that developers will often engage unsuitably qualified consultants such as engineers or geotechnical companies without any hydrological expertise to provide assessments of flood risk. Commonly information is submitted as part of a planning application which is difficult for local people to understand. Hydro-GIS Ltd has the necessary expertise to review and summarise these submissions in a format understandable  to non-specialists. We have successfully acted as expert witnesses in Public Inquiries to help prevent developments from going ahead on the grounds of flood risk.


Other components of our work on the local scale has been advising property owners on flood alleviation measures, providing flood defence designs and advising on legal matters relating to flooding.