GIS Applications

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Hydro-GIS Ltd has extensive experience in the use of GIS going back over 25 years to the 1990’s when such software was only used as a research tool at universities or research institutes. We have used GIS for a wide range of projects from simple local mapping of flood risk such as plotting the results of a topographic survey, through to developing models within GIS software to map the extent of flooding, using satellite imagery to identify landforms or land use, using hydrological modelling functions to define drainage networks and catchment areas, and providing GIS as a data handling and storage facility for compiling national inventories.

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We use the ArcGIS suite of software include the Spatial Analyst extension for cell-based modelling and 3-D Analyst for landscape visualisation. We can also provide independent courses in ArcGIS, either as a general introduction or for a specific application such as flood mapping. One of the most common requirements for flood related studies is the generation of DTMs which can be done using GIS from ground-based topographic surveys, from remote sensing data such as LiDAR or from the use of drones.

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