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Hydro-GIS Highlights from EGU24 General Assembly: Insights, Workshops, and Networking

Hydro-GIS recently had the privilege of participating in Europe’s largest Geoscience conference, the EGU General Assembly held in Vienna. The conference served as a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and practices, offering us a diverse array of topics to explore and integrate into our projects. The breadth of topics covered at the conference was staggering,…
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Adapting to Climate Change: Designing for Flood Resilience

In recent years, the impact of global warming has become increasingly evident, reshaping our planet’s climate patterns. One of the most noticeable consequences is the intensification of rainfall and the subsequent rise in flood risk.

Addressing critical issues in hydrology and hydrogeology at AGC NZHS Conference

The joint Australasian Groundwater / New Zealand Hydrological Society Conference, hosted at Auckland University of Technology from November 28th to December 1st, saw participation of 370 delegates representing a global cohort. The event comprised five concurrent sessions daily, encompassing diverse facets of hydrology and hydrogeology. Among the notable presentations, Dr. Harvey Rodda, the Director of…
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Hydro-GIS announce partnership with dClimate

Hydro-GIS Ltd are pleased to announce a partnership with dClimate, a leading decentralised climate information ecosystem, to create a repository of detailed historical flood and rainfall data for the UK and many parts of Europe. Historical Flood and Rainfall Datasets Hydro-GIS and dClimate’s partnership around historical flood and rainfall data is crucial as flood and…
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Supporting a greener future for the planet

In December 2022, Hydro-GIS sponsored an aspiring environmentalist to attend the Green Summit in Thailand. Zoe Bowman is a 2nd Year Geography Student at University of Nottingham. She believes that governments, large companies and stakeholders that hold the power to really change the future of our planet simply aren’t doing enough, and that education is…
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