Flood Surveys during Covid-19

Despite the current situation, we are undertaking flood surveys to assist with the purchase and  insurance of properties or the assessment of possible flood mitigation measures. These surveys are significantly more detailed than any simple “off the shelf” flood risk surveys offered by environmental search companies. They include a detailed review of published information from…
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Covid 19 Update

Hydro-GIS Ltd continues to operate during the corona virus outbreak. All our staff are now working from home and we are able to communicate effectively on-line and over the phone. Client contact is also restricted to e-mail and phone.

Hurricane Harvey

It is fitting that an Atlantic hurricane which shares its name with our director of hydrology should be noted for its particular hydrological impact. The most serious impact from Hurricane Harvey has been the extreme rainfall which has now amounted to over 1000mm in the four days from 25-28th August. By contrast the average annual…
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ESRI User Conference

Due to some urgent field work at short notice Dr Harvey Rodda was unable to give his presentation at the ESRI UK user conference on 18th May 2017. Here is a document summarising the study. East Hanney Presentation

Supporting local culture

Hydro-GIS Ltd is proud to contribute to the Wallingford Corn Exchange Roof Fund Appeal. The Corn Exchange is a local theatre run by volunteers in Wallingford. It has previously been supported by DEFRA and EU funding. As we are currently placed in the grim situation where one of those funding sources will no longer be available…
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MSc Dissertations

Dr Harvey Rodda is supervising a UCL MSc dissertation as part of the geophysical hazards course on the topic of the 1606 Bristol Channel Tsunami, and also supervising a NHFI project on the comparison of the 2005, 2009 and 2015 Cumbria floods. Laura Vecera is currently undertaking her MSc dissertation at Freiburg University on karst…
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Zero emission mileage

Since March Hydro-GIS Ltd has a hybrid company car, a BMW 225xe. This will enhance our green transport policy and will be able to ensure zero emission mileage for local journeys. We are very pleased to have a hybrid vehicle from a quality European manufacturer and have achieved low fuel consumption figures of 2.6 l/100km…
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Rose Wood

It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Dr Rose Wood, our principal oceanographer from 2005 – 2014. Rose started at Hydro-GIS Ltd to lead the development of a coastal flood catastrophe model for Norway and then continued working on a large number of projects including further coastal work on the…
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New publication

A new book by Wiley Blackwell, entitled Progress in Modern Hydrology:Past, Present and Future has been co-edited by  John C Rodda and Mark Robinson. The volume marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the NERC and represents a wide range of hydrological research undertaken by past and present researchers at Wallingford.

Martinstown storm event reconstruction

60 years ago the record 24 hour UK rainfall was recorded at Martinstown. Hydro-GIS Ltd has produced a report on the event including estimates of flood damage should the event occur again with current landcover. The Martinstown Storm of 18th July 1955