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Based in Chalgrove, near Oxford, Hydro-GIS Ltd is an established specialist consultancy providing expertise in hydrology and, in particular, flood related studies.

Since 2004 we have undertaken a range of hydrological work on the local scale for architects, planners, agricultural consultants, and property owners, and also collaborated on significant international projects.

Our small but dedicated team of hydrologists have experience in providing detailed hydrological assessments which use a combination of topographical information, site investigations, hydrological data, flow surveys, rainfall data, geological information and other historic data to determine the extent of catchment areas contributing runoff, and the flows in watercourses and drainage systems.

We all feel that without pressure from Harvey the process would have been in jeopardy. We thought he managed to really make the EA sit up and listen.

Thomas Wright, Burghfield Community Group

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We provide work experience opportunities and internships to enhance your studies with ‘real-life’ work skills. Our graduates form an integral part of our team, offering a wide range of skills to their work whilst studying towards their degree.

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